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Popular Domain Zones:

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.com sale Rs 3,363/yr Register
.net Rs 4,000/yr Register
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.online Rs 2,950/yr Register
. new Rs 163,734/yr Register
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International Domain Zones:

Domain zone Price/year
.agency Rs 1,670/yr Register
.biz sale Rs 1,867/yr Register
.cc Rs 2,773/yr Register
.education Rs 8,495/yr Register
.com. eu Rs 5,673/yr Register
.name Rs 2,300/yr Register
.site Rs 1,965/yr Register
.us Rs 1,473/yr Register

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At, renewing your domain is a breeze. We'll send you timely reminders so you never miss a renewal deadline. Simply log into your account, select the domain you want to renew, and follow our easy renewal process to extend your online presence effortlessly.

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Domain locking, or registrar lock, adds an extra layer of security to your domain, preventing unauthorized transfers. At, we offer domain locking as a standard feature to safeguard your online identity and provide you with peace of mind.

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What is a domain name, and why do I need one?

A domain name is your unique web address, crucial for establishing an online presence. It serves as the gateway for users to find and interact with your website. makes domain registration simple, allowing you to choose a name that reflects your brand or purpose.

What is domain locking, and why is it important?

Domain locking adds an extra layer of security, preventing unauthorised transfers of your domain. At, we automatically enable domain locking to safeguard your online identity.

  1. Domain as an Address: Think of a domain name as your website's address. When someone types your domain name into a browser, it's like entering an address into a GPS, guiding them to your website's location on the internet.
  2. IP Address Translation: Behind the scenes, domain names connect to IP addresses, which are strings of numbers assigned to devices connected to the internet. When you type a domain, it's translated to an IP address to locate the specific server where your website is stored.
  3. Domain Registrar & DNS: To own a domain, you register it through a domain registrar, acting as a sort of landlord for your web address. Domain Name System (DNS) servers help convert domain names into IP addresses, directing visitors to the correct web server hosting your website.
  4. Unique Identification: Each domain name is unique, ensuring no two websites have the same address. It's similar to how no two physical addresses can be the same, allowing precise navigation on the internet.
Can I set up custom DNS settings for my domain at

Absolutely! provides flexibility in managing your domain settings, including custom DNS configurations. Tailor your domain's settings to suit your website's specific needs with ease.

What happens if my domain expires?

If your domain expires, provides a grace period during which you can still renew without losing ownership. Our team sends multiple reminders before the expiration date to ensure you have ample time to renew.

  • Understanding how domain names function is essential for navigating the internet. A domain name, such as, acts as an online address for websites. When someone types a domain into a browser.
  • Domain as an Address: A domain name, like, is similar to an address for a house. When you type a domain name into a browser, it's like putting an address into GPS. It guides you to a specific place on the internet, directing your browser to the website's location.
  • IP Address Connection: Behind every domain name is an IP address, which is a series of numbers that computers use to identify each other on the internet. When you enter a domain, it's converted into an IP address, allowing computers to communicate and locate the website's server.
  • Domain Registrar & DNS: To own a domain, you register it through a domain registrar, acting as a kind of landlord for your web address. The Domain Name System (DNS) servers translate domain names into IP addresses, helping browsers find the right servers hosting the website.

Domain Privacy Protection

Domain Privacy Protection safeguards your personal information associated with your domain name. At, we offer this service to shield your identity from being publicly visible in the WHOIS database.