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Dedicated IP
Dedicated IP
Full Root Access
Full Root Access
SSD Disk Drives
SSD Disk Drives
100 MB/S Network
100 MB/S Network

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vCore RAM Disk Bandwidth Reinstall Root Price
1 CPU 2GB 50 GB 1 TB Bandwidth 02 OS reinstall Yes Rs /mo On 3 year - Save 50% ORDER
2 CPU 3GB 100 GB 2 TB Bandwidth 03 OS reinstall Yes Rs /mo On 3 year - Save 50% ORDER
3 CPU 4GB 150 GB 3 TB Bandwidth 04 OS reinstall Yes Rs /mo On 3 year - Save 50% ORDER
4 CPU 5GB 200 GB 4 TB Bandwidth 05 OS reinstall Yes Rs /mo On 3 year - Save 50% ORDER
5 CPU 7GB 300 GB 6 TB Bandwidth 07 OS reinstall Yes Rs /mo On 3 year - Save 50% ORDER
6 CPU 15GB 400 GB 7 TB Bandwidth 08 OS reinstall Yes Rs /mo On 3 year - Save 50% ORDER
8 CPU 20GB 600 GB 8 TB Bandwidth 10 OS reinstall Yes Rs /mo On 3 year - Save 50% ORDER
10 CPU 30GB 1000 GB 10 TB Bandwidth Unlimited OS reinstall Yes Rs /mo On 3 year - Save 50% ORDER
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30-day money-back guarantee

At, we stand by our commitment to quality service. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction. If our hosting services don't meet your expectations within the first 30 days.

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At, our VPS Server Plans are made to fit your specific hosting needs. These plans offer flexibility, power, and control.


What's Included in Our Virtual Private Servers

At, our Virtual Private Server (VPS) packages come with a range of inclusive features designed to empower your online presence.

Dedicated Resources

VPS hosting provides dedicated resources such as CPU, RAM, and storage, ensuring consistent performance and reliability for your website or application.

Root Access

With root access, users have administrative control over their VPS environment, enabling customization, software installation, and configuration adjustments.


VPS plans offer scalability, allowing users to easily upgrade or downgrade resources based on their evolving needs, ensuring flexibility as your website or business grows.

Enhanced Security

VPS hosting provides robust security measures, including firewalls, regular security updates, and isolated hosting environments, ensuring a secure hosting environment for your data and applications.

24/7 Support

VPS hosting often comes with round-the-clock technical support from hosting providers, ensuring prompt assistance for any issues or queries that may arise.

Customization Options

VPS plans offer various customization options, allowing users to tailor their hosting environment with specific software, applications, and configurations that suit their requirements.

Special Technology for Better Performance

We use special technology that keeps your part of the server separate and secure, making sure your website or app runs really well.

Super-Fast Storage for Quick Access

We use fast storage called SSDs that helps your website load quickly and ensures all your data is easily accessible.

Spreading the Work
for a Faster Experience

We spread the work your website gets across different servers so that it's fast and always available, even if there's lots of people visiting.

Extra Protection for
Your Website

We have lots of safety measures in place to protect your website from online threats like attacks or hackers. Your site stays safe and secure.

Options to Choose How Things Work

You can choose how your hosting works with different options. It's like picking how you want things set up, so they work best for you.

Tools to Keep an Eye
on How Things Are

We provide tools to check how much of your hosting resources are being used, so you can make sure everything is running smoothly for your website.


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Explore Commonly Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions section! At, we understand the importance of clear information.

VPS Hosting offers dedicated resources, better performance, and control. It's like having your private space online, providing more power and flexibility compared to shared hosting.

Both HDD and SSD type plans support popular hosting panels like cPanel and Plesk. These panels help manage websites and hosting settings easily.

We provide 24/7 support via chat, email, or phone. Our team assists with any technical issues or questions regarding your hosting.

Yes, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your VPS Hosting plan based on your needs. Just get in touch with our support team, and they'll guide you through the process smoothly.
Complete Hosting Solutions Only Rs/month*